Author: Jerri Hollinger

PepsiCo Launching Concentrates For Its Famous Drinks

PepsiCo is planning to roll out flavor concentrates for 10 of its most famous soft drinks. Reportedly, the latest move by the firm is supposed to offer its consumers to make the drinks at home using SodaStream. The customers from Sweden and Norway are supposed to be the first to get the opportunity…

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Big Companies In Beverage Industry Team Up To Support A Novel Initiative

The announcement of an environment-friendly proposal named “Every Bottle Back” was recently done by a collaboration of 3 major companies namely PepsiCo, The Coca-Cola Company, and Keurig Dr. Pepper. In an attempt to make this initiative successful and as a part of a circular economy drive, these companies are collaborating with The Recycling…

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Ceres Appeals Food Companies To Conserve Water, Use Resources More Capably

Reportedly, non-profit organization Ceres is calling on top food companies to take on stronger measures to decrease the demand and impact on restricted water resources. In answer to the impacts of climate change having extraordinary stress on water resources, Ceres has appealed that food firms take action to conserve water. During its third…

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