The use of plastic water bottles is decreasing as the concerns over carbon emission and plastic waste is found to be dramatically escalating. Thus, the beverage companies are on the lookout for alternative ways to profit from water. Previously, Evian-maker Danone had announced that they experienced a huge decline in their quarterly water revenue while Nestlé also showed a decline in the sales of water. Thus, Nestlé has decided to bring about a change in its bottled water business. The bottled water sales have been restricted in over many cities, around 80 US colleges, and towns like San Francisco and Concord. The concept of new packaging has been accepted by many companies.

This year, the Coca-Cola Company has come up with a new canned edition of Dasani. The aluminum bottles will be used by the water brand by 2020 while, on the other hand, Pepsi is working on canned Aquafina brand. The idea of monetizing tap water has urged companies to look beyond sustainable packaging. In 2018, Pepsi had acquired SodaStream and this year, the company has relaunched pod-based Drinkfinity system using a new aluminum water bottle. Similarly, Coke’s Dasani PureFill water dispenser is being tried out at colleges and hospitals for giving people an idea about getting their bottles refilled with customized flavors and carbonation. Next year, Nestlé will launch a new dispenser named Refill Plus. Danone is also testing the dispenser concept but its current target is an at-home Evian dispenser. The soft drinks company may have no credits earned in the carbon footprint but are sure to make profit from the flavorings and carbonation.

The taste of the product is considered important compared to disposable packaging in the packaged water industry. The University of California has found sugary beverage ban to have helped people gain control over their waist size and health. Similarly, the Swedish sports drink mix maker Maurten has shown that its brand Eliud Kipchoge is gaining popularity among the elite marathon runners owing to its healthy ingredients pectin and sodium alginate. The drink helps body absorb carbohydrates without any gastrointestinal discomfort. The drink is only available on its website and is not sponsored by other brands.