Monster Energy rolled out Monster Energy Farmer’s Oats, its first-ever totally vegetarian energy drink. In a press release, the firm stated that the latest drink is manufactured using coffee and oat milk along with Monster’s energy combination of ginseng, taurine, and guarana. This product available in the 15-ounce cans contains 200 Milligrams caffeine and offers 150 Calories.

CEO of Geoff Kutnick stated, “The sheer amount of vegetarian choices available in 2019 allows for both flexitarian consumers and passionate vegans to drink and eat together like never before. Farmer’s Oats has entered into the marketplace at a perfect time.”

At present, the energy drink space is flooded with various new products. This situation has intensified the competition level for Monster Beverage and forced the firm to offer something innovative to its consumers and outshine among its rivals. Besides Farmer’s Oats, the firm has also introduced diverse other products such as Reign Total Body Fuel and Dragon Tea line. The firm’s Dragon Tea line is focused on offering a white-colored tea that offers flavors of acai and dragonfruit. In addition, Reign Total Body Fuel is said to be the first-ever energy drink by Monster that helps its consumers looking for pre- and post-workout drink options. Furthermore, the firm wants to spread its arms and cater to the needs of its diverse customers by offering them cannabis-infused drinks, alcoholic beverages, and nonalcoholic sips.

On a similar note, Bang Energy, an American energy drink firm, recently stated that it is planning to build a big production and distribution plant in Phoenix in the upcoming year. Reportedly, this move by the firm will offer over 300 job opportunities in the region. Bang Energy’s CEO Jack Owoc stated that with the help of advanced equipment, this centrally placed facility will carry out the production of beverages with a speed of 3,600 cans/minute.