The rate of the injuries which are being caused among the millennials in America who are living in the cities has gone up by over three times in a year as per the research conducted recently. The research had been published recently has come from the researchers who belong to San Francisco. This city is particularly inundated by the devices of micro-mobility from the startups that rent bicycles, electric mopeds and the e-scooters. These devices have been used frequently for the shorter trips taking place within the cities.

The researchers have called for a lot more access to helmet and the improvement in the measures of rider safety to be improved through the regulations.

The researchers have used systems form the Surveillance systems for the examination of the injuries which had taken between the years 2014 and 2018. In that time there were over 39,000 injuries which had been caused due to the e-scooters and had been reported to database.

The greatest cases of injuries in any group had been in Millennials with an increase of over nine times in the injuries over the last four years. In the year 2014 there were 582 injuries that had been reported among the millennials and by the time 2018 came the number of injuries which had been reported were 5,309.

A majority of the admissions in the hospital were in the settings of a city and a lot of these injuries were in fact very serious. There was a separate study which found out that there were less than 5% of the riders of e-scooters who had been wearing the helmets. The researchers have been stressing on the need for better regulations.