For an extremely long time BMW has been calling itself the ultimate machine for driving however a few of the investors have said that the leader in luxury cars does need a shot in its arm.

The brand has not yet regained their position as the leader position of the leader in the sales globally in the year 2016 to their competitors Mercedes-Benz

The analysts and investors have been pointing it out though that while Mercedes has beaten BMW in terms of the sales volume, BMW has led in a few more metrics like profitability and cash flow and for a lot of people those are the numbers which matter more.

However, the automaker had replaced their CEO in the year 2019 in what as per the investors is a move for reinvigorating the brand out of its complacency.

Analysts have said that there are more models of their competitor Mercedes-Benz in the markets for buyers who are now interested in the luxury market. This has made it possible for them to sell a lot more cars.

There are a few more fears regarding the design of BMW and the engineering have been becoming a little stale, and automaker is going to be losing their distinguishing identification of a luxury performance brand as it has a reliance on a lot more on the sales of sports utility. The sport activity vehicles of BMW are comprising of more than 37% of the sales of BMW in the year 2018 which is more than one third of the 2017 sales levels.

There have been no comments made by the automaker as of now on the probes which they have bene facing form security regulators.