According to experts the artificial lights emitted from the screens of digital devices keeping people awake at night is not actually the main reason.

The scientists conducting the research at Manchester University say that the blue light emitting from the devices is not the main problem. While doing the research they exposed the mice to the various coloured lights and studied the impacts.

According to them, the main reason lies behind how warm and bright light is that mainly keeps people awake. The researchers believe that exposure to artificial light at night destroys the natural wake-sleep cycle of human beings. The body automatically synchronizes with the environment and thus we remain active during the day and feel sleepy at night.

Scientists believe that the blue light being emitted from the screens of the gadgets and devices like smartphones has a particularly strong adverse effect on the eyes and the body and disrupts the natural sleep cycle in human beings.

While conducting the experiments the researchers changed the brightness from high to medium to low and also changed the colour of the light from blue to yellow. The bright light of both colours was stimulating and harmful to the eyes as expected.

But when the light intensity was reduced the blue light was more comforting to the eyes rather than the yellow light.

The lead researcher Dr Tim Brown said that this is exactly what happens in nature as well. During the daytime, the colour of the light reaching our eyes is mostly yellow and thus we remain active and during the evening to night time after the sun sets the colour of the light is mostly blue.

So if you do not want to harm your eyes and fall asleep during the night get the light as dim as you can and turn it into blue light. And if you want to stay active and awake then the preferable light should be white or yellow.