Sneaker partnerships used to be the area of world-class sportspersons. Nowadays, pro players are receiving their own shoes, as well. Ninja (the video game streamer) joined hands with Adidas earlier in August, and the brand has lastly disclosed the signature sneaker of the gamer.

The Ninja Nite Jogger sports a leather upper and mesh in the signature blue of the gamer. The medial ends of shoes are printed with “Time In” and “Ninja” text graphics resting on a design of crossed shurikens. Employing the Nite Jogger as a ground is a weird decision; the silhouette is not almost as popular as some of other models by Adidas such as the Ultra Boost, NMD, or Superstar. But the Ninja admirers who might be purchasing these possibly are not too worried about street cred.

“Streamers acting as brand ambassadors” is not a new thing, but a sneaker partnership displays just how far esports have gone through the mainstream. The Ninja Nite Jogger will be accessible in men’s and youth sizes on December 31, 2019, for $120 and $150, respectively.

On a related note, Adidas is getting rid of its robot-employed Speedfactories in the US and Germany. Both factories, which are managed in association with the German plastics specialist Oechsler, will be closed “by April 2020,” the firm claimed to the media in an interview. The sportswear firm emphasized that some of its procedures in Speedfactory might be used by 2 providers in Asia, where maker is predictably cheap, later this year. With the help of these techs, the pair will create running shoes and models in “other product sections.”

Speedfactories were intended to bring sneaker manufacturing back to Western markets and reduce the reliance of Adidas on Asian providers, which have frequently been slammed for immoral working conditions and practices.