An owner of a coffee shop in Oregon has closed her shop temporarily for helping out a few of her friends who are in need of her help. These friends of her run a shop on the nearby road and sell coffee too making them her competitors.

The woman named Pixie Adams runs a coffee house by the name of Moonlight Coffee House which he shuttered on Wednesday as she directed the traffic which she got to the Local Coffee Company which is close to a mile away after she learned that the co-owner of that coffee shop Dave McAdams has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Adams had also worked on Monday at the Local Coffee Company so that the wife of Dave could spend more time by the side of her husband.

The Moonlight Coffee Company on Instagram announced that Dave McAdams had spent many years working to support the local communities as he volunteered with his non-profit work and the coaching related to sports but they announced on their Instagram page that McAdams had been facing a terminal cancer diagnosis. The company further said that they needed the help of its followers as they confirmed that every bit of money they earned would be going to Dave and his wife Tina.

Adams said that they were friends for many years and often visited each other and share advice. She called them wonderful people and said that on a Facebook post that living next door they had become very good friends.

Adams herself is a survivor of Breast Cancer and wanted to give back to the society shortly before she would open the coffee shop.