When Netflix claimed that it was operating Clickbait (on a new series), it was obvious that the series would delve into the risks of how people show themselves online and social networking, but that was the degree of the data the firm made accessible at the time. On the other hand, due to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, major details related to the plot and its cast has now been unveiled.

Get Out’s Betty Gabriel, The Plot Against America’s Zoe Kazan, The Heights’ Phoenix Raei, and Entourage’s Adrian Grenier are the leads in the 8-part limited show about a case of missing persons that went viral.

Kazan will be playing Pia Brewer, a teen female from Oakland, California, who is looking for her missing brother in an incident that has swept the social media. Gabriel will be playing Sophie Brewer, a mother making an effort to keep together her family, while Grenier will be playing Nick Brewer, a dad who also finds himself covered up in the incident. Raei will be playing Detective Roshir Amin who is in command of case of the disappearance.

Clickbait will “look into the ways in which people’s most uncontrolled and dangerous impulses are charged in the era of social media and discloses the ever-broadening fractures between real-life and virtual personas,” the media claims.

The series was created and written by The Slap’s Tony Ayres and Christopher White. Harry Potter fame David Heyman is fraction of the series as an executive producer, while The Sinner fame Brad Anderson is the lead director of the series. Unluckily, Clickbait does not have a premiere date still, but it is already shooting in Melbourne, Australia. Well, viewers are looking forward for the launch of the series.