There are five years that have passed however the memory of a man handing over his personal cache of tools and going back home to kill him has not left Michelle Brown who is a construction superintendent. The man who killed himself was shortly found afterwards by his co-workers.

For RK, this suicide of the construction worker in the year 2014 has become an important event and one that shook the company and its 1,500 employees as well as its co-owner Jon Kinning.

The death led to the coming out in the open of a few facts that were extremely painful. Mining and Construction among all the occupations are known to have the highest of the suicide rates as per the data received from CDC. The rates of suicide for the adults in the working age has seen a rise in the United States to 17.3 suicides in every 100,000 people and the rise has been 34 % in the year of 2015 from where it was in 2012 at 12.9 suicides.

Kinning had spent a lot of months after this incident as he met with the leaders of the industry and the experts on suicide.

RK which had been founded 56 years earlier by the father of Kinning has now as a result eventually come together and put what is being called as a model for the prevention of suicide in the industry of construction. This involves services that have a 24 hour access to the counseling service and leave policies that are lenient along with the managers being trained for crisis.  Kinning says that most critically that the company has embraced quite a lot of the open talk regarding mental health.