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Global Biscuit Market Growth To Skyrocket With Rising Demand For Healthy Snacking Options

A flour-based baked food product, biscuits are generally flat, unleavened, and hard. Biscuits can be obtained in a number of diverse types, flavors, textures, and tastes. They contain nutritional elements like fats, carbohydrates, and fibers that are vital for human health. Usually, being easy to store and carry as well as consumed as per convenience & choice, biscuits have become a major breakfast and past-time snack among people.

The global biscuits market is anticipated to be driven by frequent introduction of new formulations within the basic products like gluten-free, low fat, organic, low carbo, and high fiber biscuits in order to grab the customers’ attention. In addition, factors such as swift urbanization, leading sedentary lifestyles, and rise in disposable income will also contribute significantly to the growth of the global market in near future. Likewise, increasing expenditure in R&Ds to produce healthy & innovative products, innovative packaging, usage of high-quality components, and their accessibility in diverse forms of flours such as oats, multigrain, wheat, ragi, and others will further accentuate the market growth to great extent.

The global biscuits market can be bifurcated based on ingredients, type, distribution channel, product, and region. The market, by type, is divided into sweet biscuits and crackers & savory biscuits. The sweet biscuits segment can be sub-divided into cookies, plain biscuits, chocolate-coated biscuits, sandwich biscuits, and other sweet biscuits. The crackers & savory biscuits can be further sub-divided into flavored crackers and plain crackers. The market, by distribution channel, can be segregated into online retailers, hypermarkets or supermarkets, specialty retailers, convenience stores, and others. The global market, by product, is diversified into bourbon, rich tea, chocolate coated biscuits, plain biscuits, and filled biscuits. The global market, by ingredients, is segregated into sugar, flour, milk, chocolate, butter, and cream.

Geographically, Asia Pacific is anticipated to govern the global biscuits market during the forecast period due to growing stipulation for biscuits as a substitute for confectioneries & bread, escalating middle-class population, and rising disposable income in budding nations like China and India. Europe is also projected to hold a considerable share on the global market owing to the growing stipulation for healthy ingredients together with convenient snacking among European customers.

The key active players in the global biscuits market consist of Kellogg Co., Mondelēz International, Britannia Industries, TC Limited, Parle Products Pvt. Ltd., Walkers Shortbread Ltd, Yıldız Holding Inc., Burton’s Biscuits Co, Lotus Bakeries Corporate, Nestlé Group, Mondelez United Kingdom, and Pladis, among other. To cite, Mondelēz International, in March 2021, declared the procurement of an Australian food firm, Gourmet Food Holdings Pty Ltd, which provide premium crackers and biscuits. Mondelez, with this acquisition, is expected to fast-track its broader snacking leadership in New Zealand and Australia.

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