Recently, Austrian packaging producer Alpla expanded its recycling operations with its takeover of two Spanish recycling firms, Replacal and Suminco. This purchase marked Alpla’s breakthrough in HDPE (high-density polyethylene) recycling. Both firms are controlled by a Spanish family-managed enterprise and offer over 35 Years of experience in production of HDPE recyclates. Up to now, a huge proportion of Replacal and Suminco’s HDPE recyclates were used in the production of channeled pipes for sewage systems and industrial applications. Alpla now aims to use correct recyclates for the production of packaging.

Alpla has two PET (polyethylene terephthalate) recycling units in Poland and Austria and has established joint ventures in Germany and Mexico. The Austrian firm has collaborated with Texplast on PET recycling from July 2018, as a part of the PET Recycling Team. Its attainment of two HDPE recycling units is the company’s next breakthrough in recycling and to accomplish a functioning circular financial system. Georg Lässer—Chief of Recycling at Alpla—stated, “The speculation in the two recycling facilities in Spain gets us one step near to our goal of being the top producer of sustainable plastic packaging.” Jose Peruga—Ex-Owner of Suminco—added, “The recognized and strong quality of our products during post-consumer recycling for over three decades along with the synergies that will be produced with Alpla will facilitate us to advance the quality of our products more.”

On a related note, recently, Alpla was in news as the company consolidated the pharmaceutical brands. Alpla consolidated its contributions in the pharmaceutical industry with the brand ALPLApharma, which was released at the CPhI in Frankfurt. The move to merge the brands follows Alpla’s latest attainments in Africa and south-eastern Europe, which the company stated “have done more than just building up its existence in these regions.”