As the winter arrives it brings along a lot of festivals as well. The most recent are Halloween and Thanksgiving which will be arriving in a weeks’ time. During the festive season, the markets will be seen overflowing with festive treats like jams, cookies, chocolates, gummies, and syrups. The CBD is the current trend that many companies are leveraging and thus, the markets are expected to be filled with CBD-infused food as well. The CBD products are not only popular in the US but also the UK and South East Asia. The medical benefits of CBD have urged the food industries to add it to many of their products.

A Japanese startup, Base Food, has decided to sell its nutrition-filled foods in the US. The basic components in the food products like pasta and bread include flaxseed, seaweed, and whole wheat flour. The company is striving to increase the sales of healthy and nutritional food having a fulfilling taste. It is already known for its Base Noodles and Base bread in its native Japan. As per the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (MHLW) Japan and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the noodles provide up to one-third of the daily nutrients. The noodles consist of 25 minerals & vitamins, 8 Gm fiber, and 29 Gm proteins, the people, especially the athletes are unable to add the necessary nutrients in their diet. As the noodles are easy to cook, they are gaining a lot of momentum and ready to enter the US. The healthy choices and the increasing medical expenses in the US have given Base Foods an opportunity to set up a hub in San Francisco.

The company plans to enter the plant-based food industry as the cannabidiol use is increasing. By the end of the year, the CBD-infused food may roll out in the market but the FDA has not yet approved it. Likewise, Arvada-based CBD company, Straight Hemp, will be introducing its products in the markets Ohio and Florida. The company will be providing its products to 57 Earth Fare health food stores present across 10 states. The major products will include balm and CBD oil. CBD sales are assumed to reach around $5 Billion this year and approximately $24 Billion by 2023.