The customers of Marzetti will now get something innovative as the company is releasing diverse latest and advanced recipes for its Veggie Dips. The firm’s health-conscious customers will be happy to know that now the newly formulated products by the firm will have a smaller amount of fat along with lesser calories and very few ingredients. Moreover, the firm stated that its latest recipes will focus on emphasizing the dips’ simple ingredients such as buttermilk, cream, & spices and will not contain any artificial colors or flavors. The implementation of the recently announced revamp has been carried out across all Veggie Dip arrays such as dill, ranch, spinach, French onion, blue cheese, and Southwest ranch.

Each serving of revamped version of dill, ranch, spinach, and French onion dips will offer the consumers only 80 Calories. The latest dips will offer 35% less fat and 25% lesser calories than their earlier versions. Besides the latest recipes revamp, the Marzetti consumers will get two more flavors of preservative-free refrigerated dressings. The President of the Retail Division for T. Marzetti Co. Carl Stealey stated, “Marzetti has always been focused on creating first-rate products with excellent flavor, and the latest recipes for our Veggie Dips are a perfect reflection of this belief. We are enthusiastic that our Veggie Dips will fit into customers’ healthier lifestyles as a preferable option, bursting with additional flavors.”

On a similar note, Maple Leaf Foods recently stated that it has taken an initiative to be carbon neutral. The firm is strongly putting its efforts to comply with the Science Based Targets’ standard and taking constructive steps for emissions reduction. In a recent press release, the firm highlighted its noteworthy progress in achieving its goal to minimize the natural gas, electricity & water use, and slash its environmental footprint in half by 2025.