Zotefoams plc has come up with ReZorce™, an array of recyclable HDPE mono-materials providing barrier properties that surpass or fulfill all food industry stipulations, as a substitute to composite packaging. ReZorce’s multi-layer formation enables integration of recycled material while fulfilling these stipulations.

ReZorce, accessible for licensing to converters and brand owners, is apt for an array of beverages and foodstuffs needing moisture and/or oxygen barrier packaging. The firm states that tests demonstrate an outstanding functional ability to substitute existing variants of potato chip (crisp) packets, pouches & cartons, and laminated paper, all of which confront noteworthy challenges in reprocessing owing to the combination varyingly of aluminum, metalized foils, plastic, and paper in the same product. ReZorce, by contrast, is well-suited with HDPE post-consumer recycling stream no. 2 and float-sink sorting.

The technique entails a multi-layer HDPE sheet, along with foamed layers vital in offering oxygen barrier properties and moisture vapor transmission. Certainly, examinations of ReZorce films display that they have lower rates of oxygen transmission compared to a majority of metalized films utilized in food packaging at present. The foamed layers also add to paper-like fold and feel characteristics, whereas the surface is well-suited with all normally utilized printing techniques.

Recycled HDPE can be utilized in the central layers of the product with the internal surface using a slender sheet of FDA-sanctioned material to assure food safety. David Stirling, Zotefoams Group CEO, elucidates, “We deem ReZorce provides a helpful alternative for packaging products that need barrier characteristics. The strong unconstructive public view of plastic is bringing about major alteration, particularly in consumer packaging.

Likewise, now stand-up pouches (SUPs) can be fabricated utilizing recycled substance from virgin performance PE polymers and full polyethylene-coated SUPs on account of an association between Hosokawa Alpine AG, ExxonMobil, Henkel AG & Company, and EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH. The novel SUP packages mix reprocessed SUP PE (30%) with virgin ExxonMobil performance PE polymers (70%) that are compatible for non-food applications, like detergents.