KeHE’s trend gurus have analyzed important events in the year ahead and calculated their probable ramifications in order to forecast macro trends for the year 2022. The team shares their top topics for 2022, based on increased consumer trends, product innovation, and industry transformations.

Food adventuring

It’s a terrific opportunity for companies to promote traditional cuisine from around the world now that restaurant limitations have lifted and consumers are looking to experience ethnic diversity. While Chinese, Italian, and Mexican cuisines are the most popular, new generations like as Gen Z are increasing popularity of African and Mediterranean foods.

Food tech boom

Demand for plant-based sugar and meats alternatives has risen in recent years. Plant-based variants such as ready-to-eat meat and egg substitutes will continue to grow in popularity in the coming year.

Sober curious

The emergence of sober curious trend is due to the cultural domination of mindfulness, the legalization of substitutes to alcohol, a deeper awareness of health and wellbeing, as well as evolving consumption venues and socialization styles.

Dual purpose

Now days consumers see upcycled, zero-waste, low-carbon footprints, and water conservation methods. Buyers are also interested in farming approaches such as regenerative agriculture, which involves boosting organic matter and soil biodiversity.

Convenience continues

The pandemic has had a long-term impact on some consumers’ dietary patterns. Due to epidemic, 53% of American consumers expect to continue cooking using convenience items. As a result, they’re looking for quick-to-eat snacks and time-saving solutions.

Blurring diet lines

Consumers are attempting to be more attentive with their health yet maintaining flexibility in their menus, as a result of behaviors developed during the pandemic. This has resulted in a tendency of consumers picking and choosing from fad diets and tailoring them to their specific needs.

Permissible indulgence

Shoppers want guilt-free food enjoyment by looking for ingredient and nutritional alerts that make a product feel both indulgent and healthful. In fact, 69 percent of customers say they want the best of both worlds when it comes to snacking.

Growing your local community

More than just food, the local movement represents a major change in why, how, and where we consume. Currently, 65 % strive to buy from local businesses whenever feasible, and one out of every three millennials considers buying local to be a major priority.

Getting grain-ular

It’s no wonder that oats are at the top of the list, being one of the healthiest grains with a powerful combination of quality and price. People have explored oat milk as an alternate ingredient in various categories, such as frozen sweets, butter, cheese, and spreads.

Functionality collab

Consumer behavior has changed as a result of macroeconomic challenges such as rising food prices, inflation, and supply chain bottlenecks, as people try to get the most out of their food and beverages.