In recent years, there have been frozen non-dairy desserts on store shelves that contain natural ingredients like almond milk, soy, coconut milk and healthy fine bran ingredients like nectar. Instead of sugar, dairy products are now made with corn syrup, agave and cane syrup. Manufacturers focus on making desserts without dairy, especially healthy vegetable ice cream, with interesting labels, flavors and flavor profiles.

Due to the growing awareness of non-dairy vegetable products, consumers are ready to go for diary-free ice cream. This caused large companies to invest in their research and development activities to offer frozen desserts without dairy. The rapid growth of commercialization, in parallel with the growing production of vegetable milk, is a key factor in the demand in the dairy-free ice cream market. Product innovation to improve taste and technological advances in the industry create a positive outlook for the market.

As per the recent product launch, in May, 2021, The Gourmet Chocolate and Ice Cream chain, Ghirardelli introduced a vanilla ice cream made from frozen vegetable dessert under the brand Coconut Bliss. The dairy-free ice cream is made up of Organic coconut milk that contains only a few ingredients, including vanilla pods from Madagascar. The Oregon-based ice cream company offers a variety of frozen treats in the form of bars, mugs, sandwiches, cups and soft serves.

The global dairy-free ice creams market is generally classified based on source, distribution channel, region, and others. By source, the global market is divided into soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, hemp milk, and oat milk, among others. By distribution channel, the global market is segmented into Supermarkets, Online Retail, Hypermarkets, Specialty Stores, Convenience Stores.

In the North American region, growing consumer awareness of lactose-related health problems in milk is increasing the size of the dairy-free ice cream market. The trend of maximum growth of insufficient dairy products, such as ice cream, with the spread of natural ingredients, has certainly increased the market size in the country. In the Asia-Pacific region, significant growth is expected in the coming years due to rapid urbanization and increased per capita consumption. In the coming years it is expected that the European ice cream market will notable growth. Ice cream manufacturers in the region are replacing dairy milk with vegetables, which has had a positive impact on market growth.

Product innovation in the form of delivering a new innovative flavor is the strategy most followed by competitors in the market. However, some of the leading market players contributing in the global market include Tofutti Brands, Häagen-Dazs, Unilever plc. (Ben & Jerry’s), Little Red Rooster Ice Cream Company, Danone S.A., Tofutti Brands, and General Mills, Inc.