Packaging is an affordable way of preserving, presenting, storing, and labeling a product when it is stored, sold, or transported. Technological advancement has introduced us to easy open packaging, which opens easily without much physical force.

Easy open packaging technology creates packets, pouches, and other foldable packaging options. It is made from lightweight raw materials like paper, rubber, and cardboard sealed with heat pressure. A wide range of industrial, institutional, and residential goods are distributed, promoted, and protected using flexible packaging. These packaging are usually a one-time use solution.

Owing to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturers in the easy open packaging market are experiencing a disruption in the supply chain and thus, has affected the production process. Nevertheless, from the healthcare segment, the demand for supplies of easy open packaging is expected to surge notably in the coming years.

Reusable and single-serve packaging option for snacking is on the rise as they are light-weight and smaller in size. This also results in reduced fright expenses of the goods. Nevertheless, due to shortage of high-speed filling machines that affect mass production has a certain negative impact, which is hampering the global market. Some of the key industries generating high demands in the market are healthcare, chemicals, food & beverage, toiletries & cosmetics, and so on.

In addition, due to the rising geriatric population across the world, it is preferred to have an easy open packaging option for most of the products as the aged people have reduced physical strength. Thus, consumer convenience is also fueling the growth in the global easy open packaging market. Moreover, market growth is also subjected to the rising demand for comfort-conscious people.

The global easy open packaging market is broadly segmented into material type, application, and region. Based on material type, the market is classified into cardboard, metal, plastic, and so on. As per the application, the global market is sectioned into healthcare, cosmetics, food & beverages, electronics, and others.

Geographically, the global easy open packaging market is estimated to be led by North America within the forecast period with the highest market share, further trailed by Europe. This is credited to the growing packaging sector and surging demand for advanced packaging solutions. Moreover, the development of these industries in the Asia Pacific because of the emergence of advanced products is foreseen to drive the growth in the above-mentioned region as well.

Some of the leading players in the global easy open packaging market are Youpeng Packaging, Crown Holdings, Inc., BSI Group, Sealstrip Corporation, FlexPak Services, and so on. At present product, usability is the main target for these players that have customized flexible packaging technology.

Recently, Jamestown Plastics has launched a new innovation Clamtainer, which has an efficient pack-out system, uses less material, and lessens the risks of child-lock. It also provides an easy-open package option that can be recycled and reused.