The investors of the stock market may be setting up themselves for a fall which is going to be nasty. That is as per a popular technician in the market on this Friday.

He wrote that the stocks of the United States are moving up at a rate which is reminiscent of the month of January of 2018. There is no news which matters for shaking the markets and the bad news related to the economy or the earnings and that threats of geopolitics matter for just few hours before the rally continued relentlessly.

The index of S&P 500 has fallen over 10% between the 26th of January till 9th of February in 2018, after the rally of over 27% between the beginning of the year 2017 and the year 2018 in the month of January top.

He also added that this move of the market isn’t normal and isn’t something which may be able to continuing technically to and till February without significant hiccup.

He also pointed to the spreads in between the corporate bonds and the investment grade bonds among the signal which may be predicting a downturn in the short-term. The higher yield had begun to trialing off a bit as per him in a recent interview where he referenced the ration in the investments which had remained the range bound in the month of January in spite of the headlong advance of the stock market.

The expert has said that he is concerning also with the measures of the sentiments of the market including American Association of the survey of individual investors. The monthly survey of Bank of America has show that the stocks are at a level which is lowest.