Last year, Microsoft had released their new command line for Windows Terminal and the company thereafter has been improving it steadily in the Windows 10. The maker of software is going to now prepare an update which is due in the coming week which will introduce the CRT effects in a retro style. For those who are fans of the CRT monitor, this is going to be a perfect product. A new feature that is experimental is going to be enabled and it includes the scan lines in a classic manner which might have been seen before the world had moved on to the flat monitors and the LCD technology.

Apart from this nostalgia trip, the company has also been adding a bit more functionality to the Windows Terminal. They will be able to search from the terminal tabs for finding the output and input from the various commands and the resizing of tab that is being added as they can fit a lot more tabs on the view. Microsoft might be adding this ability for specifying a profile for using the key bindings in a custom manner apart from applying one single setting to the terminal profiles.

All the said improvements are going to follow a recent update in the Windows Terminal that had introduced the split view support. The users are now able to use many command prompts which are open simultaneously within the Terminal in the same tab. Microsoft released one more test version that has the inclusion of the new changes for the employees today as it is going to roll out everyone apart from them on the 14th of January.