Corbion and Nestlé stated that they have partnered to create microalgae-based ingredients. This agreement will be focused on manufacturing and selling the microalgae-based ingredients that are rich in micronutrients and protein. For this purpose, both the firms are supposed to employ the combination of Nestlé’s skills in the plant-based products production and the fermentation & microalgae facilities of Corbion. Moreover, this partnership is supposed to work on advancing the taste, nutritional profile, and functionality for use in various products. Nestlé highlighted the benefits of microalgae ingredients as they are considered as a vegetarian source of healthy lipids, proteins, and diverse micronutrients.

Nestlé’s Chief Technology Officer Stefan Palzer stated, “We are actively working to employ microalgae as a substitute protein and micronutrient source for exciting plant-based produces. Through the collaboration with Corbion, we will utilize nutritious, great-tasting microalgae-based ingredients and introduce innovation in our diverse product categories.”

Corbion’s Executive Vice President of Innovation Platforms Marc den Hartog stated, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Nestlé to create the advanced generation of algae-based ingredients. Corbion has already exhibited the value of algae in diverse high-value feed and food applications. This latest protein association with Nestlé has the capability to unlock key avenues for algae-based products into huge worldwide markets.”

On a similar note, Nestlé announced that it is building a new plant in China. This announcement by the firm represents the foremost authorized production of the cereal snack for infants named Gerber Nutripuff in the country. Reportedly, the new $14.2-million factory is situated in Shuangcheng, Harbin. In this plant, the production of regular and organic Gerber Nutripuffs will be carried out and the plant will offer this product in total 8 flavors. As part of its pledge for sustainability, Nestlé is supposed to offer the products in the form of cans and totally environment-friendly flexible packaging.