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Global Non-alcoholic Wine and Beer Market is blistering due to increased inclination towards healthy alternatives by people

Non-alcoholic wine and beer is becoming a new moderation trend due to increasing health concerns and health consciousness among people. Rising consumer awareness regarding adverse effects of alcoholic beverages is encouraging them to switch towards alternatives which are healthy as well as maintains their social status in the premium and elegant parties.

Owing to growing popularity of zero-alcohol or less alcoholic beverages, the global non-alcoholic wine and beer market is experiencing significant demand. Other than these factors, the acceptance of non-alcoholic wine and beer is projected to be fueled by expanding urbanization, developing club lifestyle, and rising spending ability. Further, gradual shift of the society, particularly the young, preferring non-alcoholic beverages due to the presence of sophisticated flavors is anticipated to enhance the market.

Additionally, rising prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and heart disease among younger population is concerning people about their unhealthy lifestyles and urging people to keep check on their consumption. Moreover, support of government towards promotion of non-alcoholic wine and beer is an opportunity for manufacturers to grow their product. However, difference in flavors, as these are produced at high temperatures, can downgrade the market. Also, alternative beverages in other forms such as carbonated and natural form can also hamper the market.

The global non-alcoholic wine and beer market is segmented into product type, application and region. The product type segmentation is divided into alcohol free and low alcohol categories. Additionally, the application segment in non-alcoholic and beer market is segmented into liquor stores, supermarkets, online stores, restaurants, convenience stores, and others.

European region is anticipated to be more popular and significant revenue generator for global non-alcoholic wine and beer market during the forecast period. Some of the prominent countries in the region such as Germany, France, UK, and Italy are equipped with large number of manufacturers producing non-alcoholic beverages. Germany is one of the growing markets in non-alcoholic beer and wine. Factors such as increasing adoption of healthy food and drinking habits among people in Europe are driving the market growth in the region. Asia Pacific is also expected to have steady growth during the forecast period. Growth of the market in the region is attributed to economic development, rising disposable income among young adults, and growing health awareness is encouraging people to adapt to healthy lifestyle changes. Besides, the US market holds the largest share in North America owing to increasing number of health issues and therefore, health-conscious customers are changing their diets to healthy alternatives.

The global non-alcoholic wine and beer market is becoming extremely competitive day by day as consumption of healthy alternatives is being made by people. The major companies are Big Drop Brewing, Erdinger Weibbrau, Suntory, Moscow Brewing Company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Bernard Brewery,

Carlsberg, Heineken N.V, Proteau, San Antonio Winery, Thomson and Scott, Ariel Vineyards, Neobulles SA, Behnoush Iran, Kirin, Pierre Chavin, Coors Brewing Company, and Arpanoosh, among others. Recently in September 2021, Stella Artois launched a new 100% alcohol free beer and the product has been introduced in the US market. This new booze-free alternative is available in classic 11.2oz and is campaigned as premium alcohol-free lager with malt sweetness. The company aims to let people enjoy parties and special moments without getting drunk. The product is available in New York, Washington D.C., Miami, and Philadelphia.

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