The University of Minnesota (UMN) has entered into a partnership with Lakeview HealthPartners and Valley Outreach Food Shelf wherein their basic goal is to help transform the shelves filled with ready-made foods to a more healthy option. The current research shows that people generally do not choose healthy stuff to be stacked on their food shelves and find making healthy choices way to more difficult. The researchers have termed the current program as the SuperShelf and they plan to encourage people to change the kind of food being offered to them and also to enhance food shelf designs. They also urge people to spend wisely on foods. By next year, the entire synopsis of food shelves is going to be altered.

The food shelves are definitely going to be changed with the goal of providing only healthy and likable foods. And thus, an improvement in the operations of the food shelves are being made. The food shelves certified by SuperShelf means that everything has been evaluated. Thus, the SuperShelf certification standards are expected to be raised in the coming days. The partnership has given rise to SuperShelf, which was funded in 2017 by the National Institutes of Health to bring about 16 different transformations and evaluations. Around dozens of food shelves have already been transformed and the ones that have to be worked on across the state. The families were advised on changing the old tradition surrounding the food shelves and healthy food. The people were seen to opt for healthier food as processed or canned foods were not only expensive but also unhealthy at the same time.

Similarly, the team from Vermont barbecue restaurant was seen to have purchased almost $3,000 worth of groceries for a local food shelf. The money was raised by the comfort food creators through their Mission Sunday fundraiser with the goal of feeding at least 500 to 600 people a month. The restaurant will be saving portions of their sales on 2 Days, including Friday and Saturday, in November to help shop more for the food shelf by the end of the month.