Gluten is an ingredient that maintains the shape and texture of the food item and may damage the intestinal tract. People suffering from celiac disease or gluten-sensitivity as well as very health-conscious people are the target market for gluten-free food products. A wheat-free diet is closely related to a gluten-free diet. Among foods that can be made gluten-free are rice, millet, and quinoa. As a substitute for wheat and barley-based products, rice, millet, and quinoa products are very popular in the market. Gluten-free products are proven to be beneficial for people struggling with inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders.

The global rise in prevalence of diabetes and celiac disease leading to an increase in adoption for sugar alternatives and gluten-free products is majorly spurring the growth of the global gluten-free bakery market. A gluten-free bakery product can provide many health benefits. In addition to being a digestive aid, it may also reduce chronic inflammation, boost energy, and promote weight loss. The treatment for celiac disease is to adopt gluten-free products in day-to-day life, and therefore the demand for gluten-free bakery products is growing at a significant rate. Growing health consciousness and increased knowledge of gluten-free foods have made gluten-free bakery items in high demand.

All such factors coupled with a sharp rise in gluten-free supplemental diet acceptance boosts global gluten-free bakery product demand. Furthermore, the adoption of advanced technology such as microencapsulation used for making gluten-free bakery products is projected to offer new growth opportunities for the market growth during the forecast period. However, the high prices of gluten-free bakery products and lack of knowledge about the gluten among the population are expected to limit the market growth of the gluten-free bakery products.

The global gluten-free bakery market is segmented based on the following types such as product type, application, and region. Based on the product type, the global market is split into bread, cookies, and others. The application segment is bifurcated into a household and commercial.

Region-wise, North America region is anticipated to dominate the global gluten-free bakery market during the forecast period. Factors such as the rapidly growing population along with the increasing prevalence of celiac disease and growing demand for of gluten-free bakery products are driving the growth of the market in this region. Further, growing investment by the manufacturers for gluten-free bakery products innovation is driving the market growth. Asia Pacific is predicted to hold the second position in the market and is expected to account for a significant share over the forecast period. This is attributed to increasing knowledge and healthcare awareness among consumers regarding the ill effects of gluten and the benefits of consuming gluten-free products.

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Pinnacle Foods, Aleias Gluten-Free Foods, Ener-G Foods, Genius Foods, Dr. Schar, Blue Diamond Growers, Doves Farm, Enjoy Life, Foods, and Kellogg are some of the major players that are working in the global gluten-free bakery market.

In August 2018, Pinnacle Foods innovated gluten-free businesses through a new product launch of the Udi’s bread.

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