Gummy vitamins are very much similar to gummy candies and are available in different flavors, colors, and shapes. These chewable vitamins are produced with the help of water, sugar, gelatin, cornstarch, and added food colors. Vitamin supplements are very popular across the globe. They compensate for poor diet and significantly boost health. Such easily achievable gummies are very popular among people having issues in swallowing the pills.

The switch from gelatin and sugar-based gummies to sugar-free and vegan ones is likely to positively influence the growth of the global gummy vitamins market during the forecast period. There is a constant spike in the number of working people, including women and millennials globally. Also, there is an immense shift in the work culture of the people globally. Today people are witnessing busier work schedules and a more sedentary lifestyle than before. Nowadays, a huge chunk of the population is also facing complications in pill consumption. Such an emerging landscape is paving a long-run growth for the global gummy vitamins market. Furthermore, manufacturers are launching a number of gummy vitamins that can be easily inculcated in the modern lifestyle of people.

Also, manufacturers have innovated gummy vitamins that can overcome the underlying challenges of people by offering chewable candies that possess on-the-go consumption characteristics. These convenient vitamin-based products are easy to consume. Children avoid the consumption of healthy dietary supplements because of their unpleasant taste and appealing appearance. However, these gummies are good in taste and appearance, which in turn attract children. The gummy market is likely to foresee high growth rate potential due to the introduction of unique commercialized products.

The global gummy vitamins market can be segmented into end-user, distribution channel, packaging type, product type, and region.

By distribution channel, the market can be segmented into online and store-based.

By end-user, the market can be segmented into children and adults.

By packaging type, the market can be segmented into pouches, bottles, and jars.

By service, the market can be segmented into animals and plants.

By product type, the market can be segmented into multivitamins and single vitamins.

North America accounts for the largest share in the global gummy vitamins market due to the wide acceptance of gummy vitamins in the region. Furthermore, the presence of key market companies will also fuel the growth of the regional market.

Asia Pacific is likely to witness a huge growth rate in forthcoming years due to the growing health consciousness among people and increasing numbers of health supplements in the region.

Some of the significant players in the global gummy vitamins market are Santa Cruz Nutritionals Inc., Boscogen, Inc, Ernest Jackson, The Clorox Company, Bayer Group, Vitakem Nutraceutical Inc., Makers Nutrition, LLC, Nutra Solutions, IM Healthcare, The Nature’s Bounty Co., SmartyPants Inc., Hero Nutritionals, LLC, Herbaland Naturals Inc., Olly Public Benefit Corporation, Zanon Vitamec Inc., Nature’s Way Products, LLC, Bettera Brands LLC, Life Science Nutritionals, and Church & Dwight Co. Inc. To cite, Church & Dwight in April 2019 had introduced Vitafusion Organic under its brand Vitafusion. It is a new line of organic supplements that includes Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D3, men’s multi, and women’s multi to expand their product portfolio in organic gummy vitamins.