Cow’s milk, among the most popular beverages and a drink is often associated with good health. Different sources of milk include goats, camels, sheep, and cows. Recently, A2 milk, a new type of cow’s milk has entered the dairy aisles and has brought attention from scientists and consumers. A2 milk is a type of cow’s milk that contains A2 type of beta-casein protein.

Some of the prime factors such as rise in preference for A2 milk owing to an increase in lactose intolerance cases & other problems associated with milk digestion, increase in demand for A2 milk in the production of cookies, cake, yogurt & cheese, and growing demand for clean label products from the consumer are driving the growth of the global A2 milk market. Further, the presence of high nutritional value and digestive benefits associated with A2 milk is triggering the growth of the market. In addition to this, use of A2 milk powder in manufacture of infant formula has increased significantly. Moreover, there is increase in health consciousness & consumer spending, increase in sales through supermarkets, and increase in marketing strategies to attract the consumer. All such factors are fostering the growth of the global market. Furthermore, expanding applications of A2 milk in dairy products and milk-based beverages will provide lucrative opportunities for the growth of the global market.

The global A2 milk market is segregated based on packaging, nature, form, distribution channel, application, and region. Cans, carton packaging, plastic bottles & pouches, and glass bottles are the types of packaging in which A2 milk is available in the market. The nature segment comprises organic and conventional. Based on the form, the global market is split into liquid and powder. B2B and B2C are the distribution channels in the global market. The applications of A2 milk consist of infant formula, milk & milk-based beverages, bakery & confectionery, and dairy products.

Asia Pacific is expected to rule the global A2 milk market in terms of revenue during the forecast period. Factors such as increase in production capacity of A2 milk, presence of cow breeds producing A2 milk, and growing use of infant formula are boosting the growth of the market in this region. In addition to this, growing health consciousness among the people and increase in preference for clean label & non-GMO products are also some of the factors that are spurring the growth of the Asia Pacific market.

The major players that are functioning in the global A2 milk market are The A2 Milk Company Limited, Provilac Dairy Farms Private Limited, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd., Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company, Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited, FREEDOM FOODS GROUP LIMITED, Erden Creamery Private Limited, Ratnawali Dairy Products LLP, Vedaaz Organics Pvt. Ltd., and Dairy Farmers.

Key Developments: In December 2020, the a2 Milk Company agreed terms on acquisition of a 75% interest in Mataura Valley Milk (MVM). This will provide a2MC with opportunities to strengthen their relationship with key partners in China, provide supplier & geographic diversification, and participate in nutritional products manufacturing.