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Surging Popularity Of Rice Noodle Cuisines Will Escalates Growth Of Global Packaged Rice Noodles Market

Rice noodles are prepared from rice. They are available in different shapes, textures, and thicknesses. The major ingredients of rice noodles include water and rice flour. They can be stored in both dried and frozen forms. Also, the fresh rice noodles are highly perishable and hence their shelf life is quite short. Cornstarch and tapioca are added to enhance the chewing texture of the noodles and boost their gelatinous.

The surging popularity of rice noodle cuisines is steering the growth of the global packaged rice noodles market. Moreover, its high suitability to people from different ethnicities and of different ages further complements the growth. Wheat is not a key ingredient in rice noodles and therefore it makes it innately gluten-free, which in turn is highly compatible with people with gluten intolerance and celiac disease. Also, it is a healthy alternative to yellow egg noodles and hence is highly consumed by vegetarians all across the globe. In addition, the rice noodle products have also emerged as an excellent option for people trying to lose weight as it is high in energy with fewer calories per serving. All such emerging scenarios will accentuate the growth of the global market.

The global packaged rice noodles market can be segmented into the distribution channel, cooking method, product, and region.

By distribution channel, the market can be segmented into hypermarket & supermarket, online stores, and convenience stores.

By the cooking method, the market can be segmented into conventional and instant methods. The conventional rice noodles segment accounts for the largest share in the global packaged rice noodles market as it can be made with several other ingredients thereby offering freedom of flavor, taste, and shape of the dish.

By product, the market can be segmented into wide, stick, vermicelli, and others.

Asia Pacific accounts for the largest share in the global packaged rice noodles market as rice noodle is a staple meal of Asian cuisine. Moreover, the high demand for rice noodles in the region will further escalate the growth of the regional market.

North America is likely to witness significant growth in the forthcoming years due to the growing Asian restaurants in the region owing to the surging migration of Asian people to the US and Canada.

Some of the significant players in the global packaged rice noodles market are Natural Earth Products, Inc., Enbridge Foods, Inc., Annie Chun’s, Inc., Lotus Foods, Inc., McCormick & Company, Inc., Nona Lim, LLC., Nasoya Foods USA, LLC, TOYO SUISAN KAISHA, LTD., NONGSHIM CO., LTD., and Thai President Foods Public Company Limited.

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