Breakfast is the first meal that people consume in the morning. But with the transforming lifestyle and work pattern of the people breakfast leisure has vanished in the developing and developed regions. Due to the fast pace of life, people now prefer to have breakfast on the go or during the transit hours to their offices. Such breakfast products that can be consumed as per their convenience in the morning are referred to as on-the-go breakfast products. The on the go breakfast products includes cereals, breakfast bars, muffins, protein shakes, butter, and several others. These products offer a huge amount of calories and energy. Manufacturers have launched several on-the-go breakfast meals that are valuable sources of fiber, protein, vitamin B, iron, and calcium.

The ongoing innovations and developments in packaging technology along with the growing inclination of people towards the consumption of packaged foods all over the world is one of the major factors driving the growth of the global on the go breakfast products market. The emergence of heat and eat meals technology has offered immense convenience to customers. The transforming lifestyle of people in respect to daily chores time, commuting time, working hours, and several other important factors have significantly raised the demand for packaged or convenient food options. Additionally, the increase in the number of single-person households, abroad learning, and lone working professionals will foster the adoption of on-the-go breakfast products globally during the forecast period. Moreover, the rigorous penetration strategies adopted by manufacturers have significantly eased the availability of these on-the-go breakfast products at convenience stores, hypermarkets, and several other approachable sales channels. Henceforth, it is significantly widening the customer base globally.

The global on the go breakfast products market can be segmented into product, application, and region.

By product, the market can be segmented into dairy-based drinks and breakfast cereals.

By application, the market can be segmented into convenience stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and online channels.

Europe accounts for the largest share in the global on the go breakfast products market due to the high demand for on-the-go breakfast products in the region. Moreover, the presence of prominent market players in the region further boosts the growth of the regional market.

North America is anticipated to witness significant growth during the forecast period due to the ongoing technological advancements in packaging technology in the region. Moreover, the high adoption of on-the-go breakfast products by the consumers in the region will significantly escalate the growth of the regional market in the forthcoming years.

Some of the significant players in the global on the go breakfast products market are Quaker Oats, Weetabix, MOMA, Uncle Tobys, Raisio, Nestle, Nature’s Path, Kelloggs, Country Choice, Baggry’s, Amy’s Kitchen, Alara Wholefoods Ltd, General Mills, Sanitarium, and 3T RPD, Ltd. To cite, Nestle Cereals has launched its unique Breakfast-To-Go range in 2018. It is known to be the first packaged milk and cereal solution in the UK.