The food packs must display the amount of exercise which a person would need to do for burning the calories off that are contained in the product as per the researchers in the United Kingdom.

If a person gets to known that it is going to take as many as four hours to work off a pizza or a running of 22 minutes for working of a chocolate bar, there is going to be more awareness of the cost of energy that food has, the research says.

The labels are going to help the people indulging less says the study.

The aim of the study is to encourage habits of eating that are healthier and help in the fighting of obesity.

The researchers had looked at 14 studies and determined that this kind of labelling would be able to cut close to 200 calories from the average intake of a person and although this is not going to sound significant, it all adds up in the fight against obesity.

The research lead has said that they are interested in the different ways by which the public can begin making better decisions and they are also going to make the public as a whole more active physically.

If people could see the calories of the food as being exercise calories, that too on the labels it would make it easier for people to make better choices and understand what they were going to eat.

People would be shocked at knowing the amount of physical exercise that is going to be required to burn the calories which have been consumed from a few snacks and treats.