After two consecutive air crashes with Max, United, the Chicago-based company is looking to bring a difference in their air-bus quality. In a recent interview, a spokesperson from the company declared that they are going to bring a big change in the flights, they are using by 2024.

On further questioning from our reporter, he stated that Max seems to be very much irregular and hence, they are deciding not to go for more max jets. On further interrogations regarding their Boeing planes, he responded to us by saying that Boeing has not still decided whether to go for mid-sized planes, which they are looking for and hence, they are moving to a European-based company for long-range airbuses.

He also declared that the order has been made already and by 2024, they will be having the mid-sized airbuses with them, which will fly at the coastal area and also to the European nations. On questioning, he stated that there will be some delay as the order has been made soon. Even after the planes reach the hanger, they are needed to be tested as the United is not ready to go for another accident that the Max faced in the last few months – hence the delay in the expansion.

He added that the United does flow frequent flights and they are hence looking for mid-sized planes only. They had no preference over Boeing, but unfortunately, Boeing won’t manufacture mid-sized planes. Hence, they are not left out with any other options than to go for the long-range 50 airbuses that would replace the Boeing aircraft.

Our reporter informed us that the spokesperson from the company also admitted that with the successive two major accidents with Max, they came up with this decision of altering the crafts.