Savage Interactive has launched a new update for Procreate, Procreate 5, with its long-awaited features at free of cost for iPad users. This iOS-based illustration and painting app now includes CMYK mode, Photoshop brush (.abr) import, and custom brush feature along with other interesting animation features in its latest update.

The app is built to run on all-new Valkyrie graphics engine that performs faster with Apple’s Metal API on the iPad. Savage Interactive stated that, due to Valkyrie, the imported brushes paint faster in Procreate 5 instead of Photoshop. This feature makes a lot of difference for artists who use iPad apps for illustrating their arts. Procreate expects to get appreciated by all of its users as its competitor, Adobe had to deal with lots of negative reviews for its “Photoshop for iPad” launched without the brush importing feature in the previous month.

The update also came with “custom brush” feature that allows artists to create customized brush patterns by combining any two brushes. They can also adjust the look and behavior of the brushes by changing the settings. The newly included CMYK mode in the app provides flexibility while working on print files such as pages of a comic book. The company has also added some latest color features such as “Color Dynamics” which is used to adjust saturation, brightness, and hue along with “Color Harmony,” the feature that allows the users to select color types such as analogous, tetradic, triadic, complementary, and split-complementary. In addition to this, a new tool named “Animation Assist” provides a timeline for adding animated videos as well as looping GIFs. There are some small UI modifications, too.

Meanwhile, Apple has recently decided to buy carbon-free aluminum to show its support to the Go Green campaign. The company has bought this special king of aluminum from Elysis and will be using it further in manufacturing iPad, iPhones, and other tech products.