Jim Buddy’s Protein Donuts, a firm famous for its low-calorie, high-protein donuts, made two key announcements. The first announcement is the firm is shifting its headquarters from London to Park City, Utah. And the second announcement highlights the firm’s intentions to offer services to its customers from the U.S. The Founder of Jim Buddy’s Protein Donuts Tom Neal stated, “Shifting to the U.S. has offered us the opportunity to refurbish our donuts, advance our packaging, and revive our brand.” Neal’s motivation behind creating Jim Buddy’s was to present people with low-calorie, high-protein donuts, which will help them in achieving “a healthier, happier, stronger, and more active lifestyle.”

Besides being the Founder of Jim Buddy’s Protein Donuts, Neal is a London-based personal trainer and fitness enthusiast. While the firm offers protein donuts in two exciting cake batter and chocolate flavors, one donut gives 11 Grams of protein and lesser than 160 Calories. Moreover, Nutrition Excellence is the authorized distributor of this product in Canada, and the U.S. customers can get these donuts from diverse retailers such as DNA Sports Nutrition, Muscle Foods, Sportlife, and NYB. To boost its decision to enter into the U.S. market, Mike Fulton is selected as the Chief Sales Officer of the firm. The firm expects that the latest hiring will assist in strengthening its U.S. distribution and other operations.

On a similar note, Forager Project and Danone recently announced their collaboration. In the latest agreement, Forager Project is supposed to get financial support from Danone Manifesto Ventures. The firm engaged in the production of dairy-free milk and yogurts stated that the latest partnership will help it in advancing sustainable sourcing and manufacturing, strengthening its portfolio, expanding distribution, and developing brand awareness. The CEO and Founder of Forager Project Stephen Williamson stated, “It is the right time and they are the right individuals—good associates with relevant, leverageable capital, and experience.”