Recently, Axiom Foods, Inc. expanded its global distribution of plant-based food and beverage elements by marking deals with Healy Group, Brenntag Food & Nutrition, and Univar Solutions Brazil. Reportedly, Brenntag Food & Nutrition is a part of the Brenntag Group and plans to distribute the ingredients across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Healy Group would be distributing the ingredients particularly in Ireland and the U.K. Univar Solutions Brazil will manage the distribution in South America. US-based Axiom’s portfolio consists of OryzOlait rice dairy alternatives, AvenOlait oat, Oryzatein SG-BN rice protein, Vegotein pea proteins for meat substitutes, and Cucurbotein pumpkin seed protein.

David Janow—Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Axiom Foods—said, “The present timing is right since Axiom is exclusively prepared to back the surged pressure on producers to provide a huge quantity of nutrient-rich and functional plant-based meat and dairy options. Our sourcing, food technology, and production teams are increasing the U.S. production, fastening more than a dozen patents, and initiating seven greatly-functional plant protein SKUs (stock-keeping units) in the pipeline, whilst our quality team is skilled for new levels of certifications from the federal clinical trials are supporting claims.”

Speaking of plant-based foods, recently, Impossible Foods was in news for producing plant-based pork as a method to tackle meat shortfall in China. Reportedly, the company is working to release plant-based pork as it aims to enter in China, which is the key part of the $2.7-Trillion universal meat market. During the CIIE (China International Import Expo) held in Shanghai, Patrick Brown—Chief Executive of Impossible Foods—said to Bloomberg TV, “We already have great models of plant-based pork. It is just a matter of scaling and commercializing that.” With China summing up for around 28% of the global meat intake, the Asian giant is the most important region for the company’s mission.